Work Zone Devices Increase Safety for both Workers and MotoristsWork Zone Devices

Work Zone Devices, including the Type III Barricade and Square Tubular Sign Stand, provide a highly visible, protective safety barrier between people and vehicles in construction zones. They are used for diverting and redirecting the flow of traffic, both vehicular and foot, to increase worker, pedestrian and motorist safety.

Work Zone Devices

  • Improve Safety of Construction Zones
  • Direct the Flow of Traffic
  • Improve Visibility of Road Work Areas
  • Provide Valuable Information to Motorists

Type III Barricades

The ‘Type III’ is so named because it incorporates three reflective panels, or barricade boards, to provide visual cues to pedestrians and motorist on traffic flow. These boards can be single or double sided and the direction of the striping, “down left” or “down right” tells people which way to move around the barricade.

Most commonly, Type III Barricade frames are manufactured out of square steel tubing. However, they can also be made of steel angle, plastic, or a combination of steel and plastic. Barricade board are plastic with various grades of retro-reflective striped sheeting, from engineer grade (lowest intensity reflective) to diamond grade (highest intensity reflective).Work Zone Devices

Mainly used to block off roads in construction areas, Type III Barricades can also be used for crowd control. Type III Barricades and other Work Zone Devices must meet minimum specifications as set forth by the FHWA (Federal Highway Administration). This includes a NHCRP-350 (National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report) crash test approval rating.

Beyond the materials that are used to build them, Type III Barricades are manufactured in two basic styles: breakaway or non-breakaway. Breakaway barricades utilize special hardware, designed to give on impact so the upright portion of the barricade separates and passes over the vehicle without injuring occupants. This breakaway hardware also makes these type of barricades easy to collapse and store without complete disassembly, and easier to repair in the event of a collision.

In non-breakaway barricades, the barricade feet are typically welded out of either square tube or steel angle. Both designs make for highly portable Work Zone Devices and barricade feet can be weighted with sand bags.

Square Tubular Sign StandsWork Zone Devices

Workzone Sign Stands are a critical part of the advance warning system implemented to inform motorists of road construction. Used in conjunction with other Work Zone Devices, such as traffic cones, channelizer cones and drums (or “traffic barrels”), they provide important messages to motorists entering road work areas. Square Tubular Sign Stands are designed to hold 36″-48″ signs made out of plywood, aluminum or chloroplast. They are manufactured in 10-12 foot heights to provide maximum visibility from a distance.

Much like the Type III Barricade, Tubular Sign Stands are also available with breakaway feet (fold-down) or welded feet, which can be weighted with sand bags. Tubular Sign Stands are available in either single post or double post construction. They are light weight and portable. Breakaway models can be folded for storage, and welded models can be disassembled.

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