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Not all U-Channel Sign Posts are Created Equal

u-channel sign posts

RIB-BAK U-Channel Sign Posts have 25% more yield strength than many competitive sign posts. What this means for the consumer is that a smaller, lighter RIB-BAK steel sign posts can hold just as much sign as a heavier, bigger competitor posts. And they can accomplish that without sacrificing safety

Smaller, lighter posts are more cost effective, which means RIB-BAK u-channel sign posts can save you money without cutting any corners on safety.

RIB-BAK steel posts are manufactured out of new billet steel, which has a minimum yield strength of 80K lbs, where as most of the competitor posts are manufactured from rail steel, with a minimum yield strength of only 60K lbs. The increased strength of Nucor RIB-BAK U-Channel Sign Posts means that they not only meet all of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 350 Requirements for crash testing, but they exceed them.

U-Channel Sign Posts Provide You With Options

There’s no need for you to get stuck paying for more post than your application requires. Posts can be direct driven into the ground, with standard tools, or used in a two-part breakaway system.

In the breakaway system, a short section of u-channel sign post (typically 40″) is partially embedded in the ground (all but the top 4″ of the post) and longer u-channel sign post is attached with special breakaway hardware.

Depending on the size of sign that is being supported, the wind load on the sign and whether or not the post is being installed in a ‘high impact’ area, there are several options to choose from:

  • Sign Posts are available in: 2 lb/ft, 2.5 lb/ft, 3 lb/ft & 4lb/ft weights
  • Hardware choices include: LAP-SPLICE, SLIP-SAFE & SLIP-SAFE SUPREME
  • Signs may be held by 1, 2 or 3 posts, depending on width
  • Standard Posts are either Hot-Dipped Galvanized (ASTM A123) of Green Powder-Shell

Which Type of U-Channel Sign Post System Should I Install?u-channel sign posts

It is helpful to consult Nucor’s Wind Load Chart & U-Channel Field Installation Manual when determining which size post to use and whether or not you need one, two or three posts. Installation instructions for their LAP-SPLICE and SLIP-SAFE systems are also include in the Manual.

LAP-SPLICE Hardware for 2-piece breakaway sign posts systems comes in both silver and gold. Use Silver for 2 & 2.5 lb/ft posts and Gold for 3 & 4 lb/ft posts. SLIP-SAFE hardware provides a 360 degree breakaway system for high-impact areas. SLIP-SAFE  SUPREME offers a 360 degree breakaway system for mid-size sign support.

RIB-BAK U-Channel Sign Posts can be installed using a manual drive cap and sledge hammer. For power installations, a drive cap and shank made for standard post installation equipment are available.

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