Telespar Sign Support Systems are designed with ease of installation and replacement in mind

Telespar Sign Support Systems

Multi-directional traffic sign mounting and viewing is possible with Telespar Sign Support Systems because of the the square tubular structure of the sign post. All four sides of the post can be utilized, allowing traffic signs to be mounted back-to-back, or on adjacent sides.

Multiple signs can be mounted on a single post, cutting down on materials. Additionally, the unique telescoping square tube structure of Telespar sign post adds strength and rigidity, making for superior wind load handling and torsional stability.

Telespar Sign Support Systems are galvanized, for enhanced resistance to all types of weather conditions, and are available with two hole styles: pre-punched holes or knockout holes (otherwise known as Qwik-Punch). Both post styles offer 7/16” holes, on all four sides, that are 1” on center.

The tubing for Telespar Sign Support Systems is produced through a unique manufacturing process that permits tubular sections of different sizes to telescope into the next larger size. Tubing sizes range from 1-1/2” -2-1/2” on the outside dimension, with each graduation increasing by 1/4″. Posts are manufactured up to 24 foot length.Telespar Sign Support Systems

Telespar 12 Gauge Sign Post Part Numbers:

  • 14F12 (1-1/2″, 12ga)
  • 16F12 (1-3/4″, 12ga)
  • 20F12 (2″, 12ga)
  • 22F12 (2-1/4″, 12ga)
  • 24F12 (2-1/2″, 12ga)

** use ‘D’ in place of ‘F’ for 14 gauge posts, ‘Q’ for Qwik-Punch (which is 14 ga material)Telespar Sign Support Systems

Telespar Sign Support Systems Offer a Variety of Cost Saving Benefits

  • Multi-directional sign mounting capabilities cut down on hardware usage
  • Can be used with drive rivets which offer savings over other types of hardware
  • Ease of installation and replacements saves time and labor
  • In many instances of post damage, only partial replacements are necessary

Square Sign Posts Do Offer Cost Savings, But Never Cut Corners on Safety

Telespar square sign posts are FHWA approved for breakaway applications and are also in compliance with AASHTO specifications.

Telespar Sign Support Systems are complemented by a range of compatible fittings, accessories, nuts, bolts and simple installation tools, including:Telespar Sign Support SystemsTelespar Sign Support Systems

  • Corner Bolts (CB516)
  • Drive Rivets (XDR387805Z)
  • Fittings (TL015EG, TL016EG, TL018EG, TL019EG, TL020EG)
  • Gravity Lock pins (TL092EG)

** Part numbers are included in parentheses

In addition to being used for STOP sign and traffic support, breakaway sign support and street sign support, Telespar square sign supports have also been used in the manufacture of tubular sign stands and barricades.Telespar Sign Support Systems

For more information regarding additional sign post styles and mounting options, check out our previous blog: Signpost Mounting Options for Square Tubing & U Channel Sign Posts.











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