Telespar Square and Round Tubing Makes Sign Post Installation Fast and Easyconstruction workers installing sign posts

Proper sign post installation can have a variety of benefits including increased safety in areas where signs are installed, decreased labor costs due to quick installation times, and less time workers are exposed to traffic on the side of roads and highways. Below is a quick guide on how to quickly and easily install a sign post and sign using Telespar’s 2 part assembly system.

Everything You Need for Fast & Easy Installation

The first step for sign post installation is making sure you have the proper materials to get the job done right. The materials needed are the 2 part assembly system which features an in-ground sign post base and the Telespar post insert, a power post driver with Drive-Cap, which will be discussed in further detail later, as well as the sign you want to install, the rivets and the corner bolt with nut. Once you have everything you need, it’s time to start installing the sign post system.

Start with your Drive-Cap. Make sure the Drive-Cap is the correct shape, round or square, and make sure you have the right type that matches your method of installation. If you’re using a sledgehammer for your sign post installation, you’ll need a Manual Drive-Cap, but if you’re using a Power Post Driver, our Power Drive-Caps will get the job done. At the end of this blog, there will be a link to our selection of sign post installation accessories.

Next, impact the sign post base into the soil, leaving part of the post protruding from the surface (2 inches for best stability) but no more than the 4 inch FHWA (Federal Highway Association) limit. Once you have the in-ground sign post base in position, attach your sign to the sign post using the sign rivets. Then simply slide the sign post with your attached sign into the base. Finish your sign post installation by inserting the corner bolt, making sure to face it away from oncoming traffic, and tighten the nut. Your sign post is now successfully installed.

The Benefits of Telespar Sign Postsdrive-cap for sign post installation

In addition to the benefits listed at the beginning of this post, Telespar’s breakaway sign post system ensures the sign will fall in the opposite direction of the vehicle upon impact, decreasing the chance of damage to the vehicle and injury to the driver. On top of that, Telespar can be easily replaced after an accident occurs. Simply remove the damaged post from the in-ground base, reinsert a new sign post and sign, and re-secure it with another corner bolt and nut. This feature also allows you to easily change road signs without having to go through the sign post installation process again.

Traffic Safety Products, a division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc., has been a distributor of Telespar Tubing for over 50 years. We’ve provided sign posts for DOTs, Municipalities, Schools, Parking Lot & Pavement Contractors and Fencing Companies, to name a few. Let your team of experienced customer service representatives take care of all your Traffic Safety needs!

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