Rubber Speed Bumps Give New Meaning to Greening Your Parking Lot

rubber speed bumps

Parking curb stop and rubber speed bumps made out of recycled tires are a great way to both enhance the safety of your parking lot and the look of it as well. Recycled rubber parking curb and speed bumps offer superior performance over concrete or asphalt products which need to be replaced frequently and cost more to replace. Not to mention they make use of materials that would otherwise sit in a landfill.

Check Out Some of The Great Features of Rubber Speed Bumps & Parking Curbs

Reduce Liability

Did you know that you can reduce liability issues in your parking lot by installing speed bumps and curb stops? It’s true. Park-It Stops reduce the risk of accidental crashes involving other cars or buildings. Speed bumps reduce parking lot speeds, which reduces the occurrence of crashes involving other cars and people.

park-it stop rubber curb stop


Recycled rubber curbs and speed bumps are virtually indestructible; they will not warp, chip, crack, crumble or rot. Not only that, but replacement costs are much more affordable when compared to concrete and asphalt alternatives.

High Visibility

High contrast color combinations, the most typical of which being black and yellow, offer high visibility for improved safety and performance. Other color combinations include black and blue, black and white, red and white, and blue and white.

UV Resistant

Rubber curbs and speed bumps resist fading due to exposure to harsh sunlight. They are also resistant to moisture, extreme temperatures and oil.

Easy to Install

rubber speed bumps

Both the Park-It Stop rubber curb stop and the Rubber Speed Bumps are manufactured with holes that accept 1/2″ rebar spikes or lag bolts. 1/2″ wide x 14″ long rebar spikes are recommended for installation in asphalt and 1/2″ (or 5/8″) wide by 6″ long lag bolts with metal shields are recommended for installation on concrete surfaces.

In both instances, use the product as a template for your holes. Mark the location on your surface, remove the product and drill 1/2″ diameter holes. To complete the process for rebar installations, replace the product and drive the spikes into your pre-drilled holes. To complete the installation process for lag bolts, install metal shields in pre-drilled holes, replace product and bolt into place with lag bolts.

Watch this quick video which demonstrates how to install the rubber Park-It Stop into asphalt, using rebar spikes.

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