Portable Sign Kits are the Perfect Solution to a Frustrating Problem

portable sign kits

Portable Sign Kits can alleviate the mass confusion that occurs when a traffic light decides to stop working. If you’ve ever been in this type of situation, then you know how frustrating – and even scary – it can be. Traffic can become backed up for blocks, or even miles, at busy intersections as people struggle to decide how to react.

Some people will become aggressive when their patience reaches the breaking point. They’ve been sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and their aggravation escalates until they feel entitled to plow through the intersection at the first opportunity that arises, whether or not it’s their turn. And who is to say whose turn it is? There is no light to tell them this information definitively.

portable sign kits

Other people will hesitate too long at the intersection, being cautious, because they are afraid of getting hit by an aggressive driver. This further adds to the irritation level of the drivers who are next in line.

No one is happy.

Until the light is fixed, or until the police or other traffic enforcement agents arrive on the scene to direct the mess of cars and aggravated drivers, it’s a free for all.

On the other side of the equation, you have the police or other traffic agents who have been dispatched to the scene to make order out of the chaos. Who knows what important duties they were pulled off of to come and respond to the traffic issue?

They could be there for hours directing vehicles – hours that could be better spent elsewhere, performing more important duties.

Luckily, there is a better solution: Portable Sign Kitsrubber base portable sign kits

Portable Sign Kits, with STOP signs attached, can be easily transported to the scene and set up to instruct drivers.

  • The chaotic intersection is now a FOUR-WAY STOP
  • Drivers are now certain of how they should proceed through the intersection
  • Police responders can leave the scene once the temporary, Portable Sign Kits have been put in place

portable sign kits

Portable Sign Kits can easily be taken down and stored until they are once again needed. The bases are available in 35 pound or 70 pound weights and can be stacked for storage once the upright sign post has been removed. Posts secure to bases with a single corner bolt and jam nut which makes them quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. Signs are mounted with standard hardware.

Not only are Portable Sign Kits great as a means of temporary traffic control during traffic light and power outages, but they are also great in parking lots. Portable Sign Kits are often used in supermarket parking lots, or for special events, including fairs. They can be used with any standard traffic sign, including handicap parking, visitor parking, loading zone, and more. They can be brought inside after hours so there is less likelihood of theft. The possibilities are endless.

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