If Parking Lot Safety isn’t something that concerns you, maybe it should be.

One in five accidents occurs in a parking lot or garage. That means the dreaded parking lot accident accounts for 20% of all accidents! Not only that, but upwards of 500 deaths are attributed, each year, to parking lot accidents.

Building Owners May Be Liable

As such, building owners have a responsibility to drivers and pedestrians to keep their lots safe and in good repair, otherwise they may face liability in the case of an accident in their parking lot. Parking lot safety in the workplace is just as important as it is anywhere else, including grocery stores, malls, shopping complexes, etc.

Parking lots in good repair will provide adequate lighting, a proper driving surface free of pot holes that could damage cars, or cracks that could cause tripping hazards. Proper signage, and/or pavement markings, directing the flow of traffic, are also recommended. In colder weather snow and ice removal are necessary.

Drivers and Pedestrians Share Responsibility for Creating Safe Parking Lot Conditions for All

Of course, not all parking lot accidents are the cause of poor parking lot safety. Many accidents are caused by negligent or distracted drivers and pedestrians. Some of the top bad parking lot behaviors that contribute to accidents include the use of electronic devices while driving or walking.

Parking Lot Safety Tips

Below you will find a short list of parking lot safety tips to help you safely navigate parking lots while driving or walking:

  • Avoid texting while driving or walking
  • Do not use tablets, laptops or other electronic devices while driving
  • Program your gps unit while you are still parked
  • Use hands free options for making phone calls
  • Do not put on make-up, brush your hair or perform other grooming activities while driving
  • And, above all pay attention!

Parking Lot Safety Products

Luckily, in addition to these basic, minimum safety requirements for building owners and parking lot users, there are also many parking lot safety products that can aid in making parking lots even more safe for both drivers and pedestrians. These products have the added benefit of protecting your building and your property, in the event of a parking lot accident.

Parking Lot Signs

Clearly mark entrances and exits, loading zones, reserved parking (handicap accessible), and no parking areas with our sturdy aluminum signs.

Parking Lot Sign Systems

Parking Lot Safety Products

The Parking Lot Sign System includes a durable, light-weight plastic x-tube post, and a high-impact resistant UV-stabilized resin base. X-tube posts provides superior impact resistance and are designed to bend when struck, then return to their original position.

Pavement Markers and Symbols

Use parking lot stencils, symbols and road tape to direct the flow of traffic properly within your parking lot.

Metal Bollard Posts

Parking Lot Safety Products

Metal Bollards, including bolt down bollards and flexible bollards help protect your building from damage, as well as protecting your building occupants.

Plastic Bollard Covers

Already have steel bollards? Why not cover them with a highly visible, hard to miss bollard sleeve?

Speed Bumps & Parking Curbs

Parking Lot Safety Products

Rubber speed humps reduce parking lot speeds and increase parking lot safety. Parking curbs prevent pull through accidents with other cars and with your building. Find out more in our blog: Rubber Speed Bumps & Parking Curbs

Pole Protectors

Poletector covers hide those ugly light pole cement bases. They also help reduce minor dings on vehicles and can extend your brand with the use of logos, names and company colors.

parking lot safety

Clearance Bars

Clearance bars reduce costly building damage, and vehicle damage, by warning drivers of structures with low clearance heights, thus helping them to avoid hitting them.

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