Fire Hydrant Markers are a Key Safety Component of Winter PreparationsFire Hydrant Markers

Fire Hydrant Markers are an important part of winter planning for any city, town or village that expects to receive significant snow fall this winter. Every second counts when fire breaks out. Those extra seconds, or even minutes, that a firefighter has to spend to find and hook up to a hydrant could spell the difference between life and death.

With such a wide range of styles, colors and prices available, there is really no good reason not to outfit your hydrants with safety markers.

Fire Hydrant Markers

  • Increase Hydrant Visibility
  • Allow Hydrants to be Found when Buried Under Snow or Debris
  • Save Firefighters Valuable Time

Fire Hydrant Markers, Hydrant Flag

Right now is the perfect time to start thinking about purchasing and installing hydrant markers on all of your fire hydrants. Be prepared for winter by making all of your winter safety preparations before it’s too late. Don’t get caught in the snow!

Accessorize your hydrant marker with a clip on mini flag and make it even easier to find! A sequential numbering system may be added for hydrant location and maintenance information for use by fire departments and waterworks personnel.


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