Why Should You Use Flexible Delineator Posts? delineator posts and accessories

If you’re looking for an affordable and safe way to mark public and private roads then look no further than our Safe-Hit Flexible Delineator Posts. These posts are constructed from durable and flexible linear low-density polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors which maximizes safety.  They’re available in both soil and surface mount versions and unlike STEEL delineator posts, these FLEXIBLE posts cause minimal damage to impacting vehicles while also reducing personal injury. Because they’re so durable, these posts are perfect when used as guide posts, culvert markers, median crossover markers, mile markers or for any other delineation application you might have.

Soil Mount & Surface Mount Options Available

Our Flexible Delineator Posts come in both soil and surface mount options. Below are the key features of each option.

Soil Mount

  • A unique two part system incorporates the use of a permanent anchor and a replaceable post.
  • The permanent anchor can be installed with the used of a hand driver or power equipment.
  • The post is easily replaceable without having to reinstall or replace the existing anchoring system.
  • A type GP3 Driveable 18″ Soil Anchor comes standard with each soil mounted post.

Surface Mount

  • These delineator posts are ideal for delineating parking lots, construction zones, centerline medians and HOV lines.
  • Bases are capable of being reused when installed with temporary butyl pads (epoxy is recommended for permanent applications).
  • Easy installation on asphalt or concrete.
  • Twist lock feature allows for quick replacement of damaged posts which reduces maintenance crew traffic exposure.
  • A type SMS Surface Mount Pin Lock comes standard with each surface mounted post.

Standard and Custom Delineator Post Options delineator posts installed on road

Our flexible delineator posts come in three standard colors: white, yellow or orange and can be ordered in 6 standard sizes: 18″, 24″, 28″, 36″, 42″ and 48″. The reflective sheeting is available in 3 options: high-intensity silver, amber or orange. On top of these standard options, our posts come in a variety of custom colors including light and dark gray, green, blue, black, brown and red. The post is also available in 4 different options depending on the application. Below are the 4 types.

Type 1 Hazard Marker: round post, flattened on top with black oval cap, and three 3″ x 3″ reflective patches.

Type 2 Guide Post: round post, flattened on top with black oval cap, and one 3″ x 9″ reflective strip.

Type 3 Channelizer: round post with recessed cap, and one 6″ reflective wrap.

Type 5 Marker Post: round post with recessed cap, and two 3″ reflective wraps.

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