The Redi-Torque Model 280 Slip Base System Is Perfect for Breakaway Sign Post Systemsdrawings of breakaway sign post systems

When looking for a safe, easy and FHWA approved way to install breakaway sign post systems, look no further than the Redi-Torque Model 280 Slip Base System. The revolutionary system features redi-torque bolts, Teflon coated u-shaped spacers and all the necessary washers and flange nuts needed to install your posts. Unlike old breakaway sign post systems which featured welded angel iron connectors and bolts, the Model 280 Slip Base System comes with a serrated post wedge that easily and firmly secures your sign post to the slip base system.

Benefits of the Redi-Torque Slip Base System

The redi-torque system doesn’t require special tools, such as a torque wrench, to install. The top hex head of the bolts are designed to break off at pre-determined torque values, allowing the plates to disengage on impact while still providing 30% greater clamping force compared to conventional square slip post bases. Below are a few more benefits:

  • Specific installation kits which can be used with square, round and beam posts.
  • The Slip Base System can be retrofitted to pre-existing 8″, 9″ and 10″ triangular slip bases.
  • Redi-Torque bolts are replaceable and the Teflon u-shapes spacers are re-usable when repairing your breakaway sign post systems.
  • The 3 Bolt system is FHWA approved for up to 3 posts in a 7′ span with regular triangular slip bases.
  • The 4 Bolt system is FHWA approved for up to 2 posts in a 7′ span with regular triangular slip bases.

Installing & Repairing Breakaway Sign Post Systems Just Got Easierredi-torque model 280 slip base system

The Model 280 Slip Base System makes breakaway sign post systems easier to install when compared to traditional, welded angle iron systems. The breakaway hex heads on the 9/16″ hardware can be installed without the need for special tools and they let your workers know when the bolts are at the pre-determined torque value. This means your sign post system meets the FHWA standards. It also means road side maintenance workers spend less time exposed to traffic which increases safety while also saving you time and money.

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