Bollard Pipes Protect Your Business,
Bollard Covers Make It Stand Out

Bollard Covers

Adding a plastic bollard cover over your metal bollard pipe is a great way to protect it from rusting without the need to continuously maintain and repaint it. It’s also a great way to increase the visibility of your pipe so it’s even less likely that someone will run into it. But did you know that bollards are also a fantastic way to brand your business?

It’s true; plastic pipe sleeves are now available in almost every shade of color imaginable. Why not color code your bollard pipes to match the colors of your business? You can kill three birds with one stone

  1. Preserve and Protect: prevent harsh weather from rusting and eroding your metal bollard
  2. Increase Visibility: Bright, eye catching colors make it hard for drivers to miss
  3. Brand & Beautify: Color code your pipe covers to match the color of your business branding
It seems like every time we turn on the news these days there’s another report of someone running their car into a building.

“I stepped on the gas instead of the brakes…” ~ said the confused elderly gentleman

“I fell asleep at the wheel…” ~ said the stressed out, burned out business woman

“There wasn’t enough room to turn my trailer…” ~ said the truck driver with a million deliveries to make

Bollard Covers

“I had a medical emergency…” ~ said the man recovering from a triple bypass

“We are investigating whether or not drugs or alcohol played any role…” ~ said the policewoman to the news crew

Pipe Bollards Are Everywhere!

It’s not uncommon to see a metal bollard in front of every single parking space that borders your favorite fast food chain building. Metal pipe bollards are there to protect the people inside of these building from injury and to prevent costly liabilities. But just because it’s necessary to put an ugly metal pipe up – whether it’s to protect your building and your customers, or your shipping and receiving docks, or prevent a driver from winding up in a ditch – does not mean that they have to be an eye sore.Bollard Covers

There are so many solutions available these days. There are safety yellow powder coated metal bollards, flexible bollards on hinges and plain old plastic bollard sleeves in every color of the rainbow.

Plastic bollard covers are the easiest to install, provided you already have a bollard pipe in place, and the most cost effective. They just slip right on over the top of the bollard and they come in two main sizes that will encompass most bollard pipe sizes (4″ and 7″ diameter) – there are even foam inserts in case they are not quite snug enough for your satisfaction. A range of heights are readily available and length can be easily further customized with a simple hand saw.

Watch this quick video below to see how simple plastic bollard cover installation is.

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